Cremona Fire and Rescue Association exists to raise funds to support the operations of Cremona and District Emergency Services.  Funds raised will be used to: expand the department’s capabilities, provide support for department members in times of distress, provide member recognition, and facilitate community engagement.
That all citizens and visitors in the area of Cremona and Water Valley will receive fast, professional, and caring support when in need of emergency services.


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Cremona & District Emergency Services (C&DES) is the Cremona and Water Valley local fire department. C&DES is made up of 2 fire stations, 8 apparatus and 36 local volunteer members. We respond to between 150 - 200 calls annually. Incidents ranging from structure fires, motor vehicle collisions, grass and wild-land fires, quad and recreational accidents, hazardous material incidents, medicals, and any incidents that pose risk to the general public, life, property, or environment. C&DES covers a response area of approximately 1200 square kilometres (650 square kilometres in Mountain View County and 550 square kilometres in the MD of Bighorn. 






C&DES (Cremona and District Emergency Services) is looking for motivated volunteers aspiring to join our Fire Department. 


Becoming a member of the Fire Department means you will be making a lasting difference in your community by responding to Emergency situations and helping those that are in real need. The calls that you will be responding to will not only encompass calls relating to fire, but also medical calls, car accidents, grass fires, and general rescues (swift water, ice, slope). It also means being a part of a tight-knit team and essentially becoming part of a family. We currently have 30 members that come from various backgrounds, with differing levels of fire training, of all different ages. The people who join our department are compassionate, altruistic in nature and have a sincere desire to help others. 


This is not just an opportunity to provide service and protection to your community but also to your own family and neighbours. If any of this strikes a chord with you or you feel like you have any of these attributes, please complete an application, we would love to hear from you!


Recruitment Process:


Our recruitment process depends on your level of experience with the fire service.


C&DES has three recruitment levels. 


Level 1: No previous Fire Experience


Level 2: Minimum 5 years Fire Service experience.


Level 3: Previous responding experience within C&DES or its neighbouring departments within Mountian View County.



Recruitment Steps :


1) Meet the Minimum Requirements

2) Online Application Form

3) Attend 4 Tuesday night practices

4) Submit a Resume

5) Criminal Records Check, Drivers Abstract, Medical Clearance.

6) Minimum Competancy Checklist

7) Presented with a Pager to start responding to calls

Frequently Asked Questions:



When is practice?


Practice is Tuesday nights  x50 weeks per year.



What is the C&DES call volume?


The department responds to approximately 150 - 200 calls per year.



How do you know when there is a call?


Members are dispatched to emergencies via radio pagers, and respond to the fire halls when paged.


How Many Fire Stations does C&DES Have?


C&DES has 2 fire stations; 1 in the Village of Cremona, and the other in Water Valley. 



Why become a volunteer?


There are many reasons to join C&DES. Firstly it is an incredible opportunity to help out your local community. Being a firefighter in any community is very fulfilling.  


Do the Firefighters get paid?


C&DES is a volunteer service that offers honorariums to its  members on a paid on call basis (Hourly Rate starting @ $15.00). 


Who can become a volunteer?


As long as you're over the age of 18, and you meet our Minimum Requirements you can apply to join as a volunteer. For those of you  under the age of 18, we offer a junior program, giving you a great opportunity to learn a multitude of life saving skills, and potentially work your way into becoming a firefighter with C&DES when you come of age.


I'm not sure I have the time...


The time commitment is significant. Members practice a minimum of two hours, every Tuesday evening, and need to be willing to respond to the hall at a moments notice. C&DES recognizes and accepts that its members will not be able to make 100% attendance. If accepted C&DES will invest approximately $5000 in outfitting you personally with a pager, and Structural Firefighting gear. This is no small investment for our community. The commitment our members make must be worthy of the financial investment that the community taxpayers have invested.


How do I become a member?


The process is easy. Firstly, fill out the online application form, and introduce yourself to us. After we receive your application we will review your answers and get in touch with you.



What is the Recruitment Process?


Please refer to the Recruitment Process page where this is clearly outlined.



What kind of training is there?


C&DES has certified instructors in what is called NFPA 1001 (National Fire Protection Association professional certifications). We work hard every Tuesday to deliver up to date training on all topics pertaining to the fire service. Specifically, you will learn how to work safely on a emergency scene, through the use of specific skills, equipment, and teamwork.



What are the physical requirements?


Firefighting can be strenuous and requires good physical fitness. Members need to be able to raise ground ladders, hoist equipment, climb stair wells, drag water filled hose lines, operate equipment and perform a myriad of other tasks, all while under the stress of an emergency situation and wearing up to 60 lbs (27 Kgs) of personal protective equipment.



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