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Below is a list of recommendations and reminders around conducting a controlled burn. These are in addition to the information on the Mountain View County website. If you have more questions that you feel were not answered on this site, or the links provided please feel free to contact us directly. 


If you are planning a controlled burn remember that the Mountain View County fire bylaw requires a permit to be filled out pre-burn, regardless of the time of year. The purpose of this is to inform fire dispatch and the responding fire department that there may be smoke in the area, and that a fire response is not needed. 


Avoid starting any fires in dry situations and on windy days. Even the most carefully attended fire can quickly get out of control if conditions are right.

 Make sure the area where you plan to have a controlled burn does not currently have a fire ban

We do not recommend having large fires. If there is a lot of material to burn, splitting it into a series of smaller piles that can easily be managed is preferred 

Respect your neighbours. Avoid having large quantities of smoke drift towards neighbouring dwellings as it is not only irritating, it can also be a fire hazard. 

We recommend keeping an adequate source for extinguishing the fire close by at all times, and surrounding the burning material with some kind of non combustible berm.


Make sure you know the location where you plan to burn and what regulations apply for that area. Below are the areas with different burning regulations within C&DES's response district. 

Cremona & District Emergency Services tries to complete a controlled house burn once a year. If you have a house that you would like to donate for a controlled burn please contact us directly.

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